The Albena resort has  an appropriate sport base and sports facilities for good sport training of the football teams.

– 6 football fields

– indoor multifunctional sports hall in the central part of the resort Albena

– 3 football fields on the territory of the resort Albena

Football field Albena 1football field 112/72 m., playing field 104/68 m. 3000 seats

Football field Albena 2- football field 89/63 m., playing field 85/61 m. 1800 seats

The grass cover of the fields is Canadian-Dutch technology, removable football doors different size, benches for the player section, benches for the referee, changing rooms, sprinkler system “ Rain Bird”.

Football field Albena 3 football field 100/80 m., the grass cover of the fields is Canadian-Dutch technology, sprinkler system “ Rain Bird”.

Grand Hotel Pomorie

Football stadium –three changing rooms, football field 68/105 m., synthetic grass cover last generation, which is all year round usable.

The stadium has 2500 indoor seats and lights which are appropriately not only for training and for official  football match.

 “National sports base Sportpalace”

 Outdoor stadium- football field 105/68, external size 113/78,synthetic grass cover, lights for evening sports events: football, handball, mini football, grass hockey.

If you need the best conditions for sport Albena resort is offering its possibilities:

  • 3indoor tennis courts (in sport hall) with polyurethane coverage with a thickness 8 mm., air condition and lights.
  • 13outdoor tennis courts with red coverage “Chamotte”,situated near the hotels Ralica, Orchidea, Flamingo Grand, Sandy Beach, Kaliopa and Dobrotica. Albena is the official resort of Bulgarian Tennis federation.

Sports calendar

10.04.15 – 12.04.15      VI international tennis tourney “Albena open”

02.05.15 – 05.05.15      Tennis tourney for children

26.05.15 – 01.06.15      Republican tennis tourney for juniors till 16 years old

09.06.15 – 16.06.15      Republican tennis tourney for juniors till 14 years old

17.06.15 – 24.06.15      Republican tennis tourney for juniors till 12 years old

26.09.15 – 05.10.15      International tennis tourney for woman from ITF calendar

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